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Technical Advisor
Freelance Writer & Photographer

Operating in SE Asia working on a number of Humanitarian Mine Action projects, combining my expericence training indigneous peoples to handle complex hazardous tasks with techncial writing and photography.
Production expericence with visual media for technical and instructional publications. Investigative reporting concentrating on technically orientated projects or challenging tasks.

Public relations experience with corporations, Governments and United Nations promoting Humanitarian Mine Action. Project proposal writing, photo layouts, publications and reporting for donor Governments, United Nations developmental and emergency programmes.

Experienced working challenging or arduous tasks in hazardous environments. Based in Thailand with 12 years work and living experience in Asia.

What's New?

The main focus of my work is relieving people from the misery caused by landmines.Currently , I'm working as the Mine Action Technical Advisor to the Thailand Mine Action Center developing programs for Humanitarian Mine Action.  Setting up operational demining units using mechanical assistance, mine detection dogs and manual demining resources on the Thai-Cambodian border in Sa Keao, Chantaburi, Trat, Surin and Buriram Provinces.

Eliminating landmines that contaminate land and impact the daily lives of people in poor rural villages is the major benefit to local people and Thailand. Developing resources necessary to address the negative impacts caused by landmines is a challenge.

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Clearing anti-personnel landmines manually on the Thai-Cambodian Border.


Technical writing and photography compose a large part of creating safe conditions for mine clearance operations. Technical documentation with visual aids is a vital part of the development process.